Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Congratulations New "L" Graduates

'Congratulations' are in order to the candidates who graduated from the Delaware Valley Combined Training Association’s "L" Program's Final Exam
 (October 17th – 18th) held in Lexington, VA
* Jennifer Anttonen
* Joanna Gray-Randle
   Paula Keller
   Heidi Lemack
* Rebecca Langwost-Barlow 
* Amy Speck-Kern
                                Karin Worm
                             * Adrienne Rogers           
                             * Kristen Petzold
                                Angela Sasso                      
*Denotes those who have graduated with distinction from the "L" Program and may be eligible to enter the USEF “r” program.
The above "L" graduates will also be listed on the USDF website in
Instructors & Officials list.

 After a successful graduation, candidates are referred to as “L” Graduates. “L” Graduates are NOT licensed dressage judges. Therefore, they may not advertise themselves as “L” judges

The “L” program offers a comprehensive curriculum created to teach participants and auditors how to evaluate dressage performance at Training through Second Level. It is not just for those who want to become licensed dressage judges. The program’s intent is to give competitors, trainers, and instructors a broader insight into the evaluative techniques of judging dressage, qualify individuals to officiate at schooling shows, serve as continuing education for licensed judges, and to serve as a prerequisites for entering into the United States Equestrian Federation ‘r’ Judges Training Program.

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