Friday, August 29, 2008

Join-In @ Convention

Here is a special invite, from the USDF Judges Committee, for all "L" Graduates and "L" Graduates with Distinction.

You are all welcome to join the events listed below at the 2008 Adequan/USDF Annual Convention & Symposium.

  • Judges Roundtable - Wednesday, December 3rd
  • Judges Roundtable Educational Program - Wednesday December 3rd
Check out the convention agenda for more details ( or contact me

No worries, I haven't forgotten those that are not "L" grads. You can go to and see what fun events you can participate in @ conventions.

Such as the "L" Program Educational Q&A, with a panel of "L" Faculty, sharing updates on the program for 2009 included during convention. Did I mention that Kyra Kurkland is our symposium presenter? Really, you need to check out what is happening in Denver, Colorado the week of December 3rd through the 7th!

News and More News

Are your ready for an update on what is going on in the "L" Program?

Here it goes:

  • "L" Program Faculty is happy to welcome, Gary Rockwell, an FEI "O" Judge and USEF "S" Judge, to the faculty. Be on the look out for him in an "L" Program in the future.

  • Secondly, the Adequan/USDF Annual Convention and Symposium is coming up on the first part of December (okay, not too soon for you but we/staff are deep in the planning and such) and they are quite a few fun events you might want to join in on, check it out at My next blog will be sharing some of the events you might be interested in.

  • Thirdly, I am currently working with a few potential organizers on getting some new "L" Programs up and going. I can't share anything official at this point, sorry, but expect to hear something soon. The hot spots are Region 2 and Region 8 (not the Central Vermont Dressage Association Program but close ;-).

Okay, that is about it for now. I am getting ready to post another blog or two and then I am heading on vacation. I'll be out of the office from September 3rd to the 10th, but will be back (however reluctantly) and ready to catch you up on what is going with the "L" on the 11th.

As always contact me with Q's/feedback or comments at

Have a safe holiday weekend!

Friday, August 8, 2008

"L" Program FAQ Suggestions

I am creating a cheat sheet for those interested in the "L" Program. No, this isn't a cheat sheet for the final exam, written or practical. Nice try! :-)

Really, this is for those of you that are interested in the program and just want some basic questions answered. Questions answered that are for those interested in auditing, participating or organizing an "L" Program.

Any suggestions or questions that you may have would be greatly appreciated. I do have questions that I do receive via e-mail and the phone but I would really like to hear from you and what types of things you were or are looking for answers for in regards to the "L" Program.

If you wouldn't mind commenting on this blog or sending an e-mail (with subject title "L" Program FAQ) with your suggestions for FAQs on the program that would be great! And greatly appreciated! or 859/971-2277

Where to find the FEI Handbook

You may have heard about the FEI Handbook through a few "L" Faculty members or just out in the world of dressage. Several of you have asked me where to purchase it.

Here are some options or places to order it:

The FEI Handbook, Guidelines for Judging, can be purchased directly through the FEI ( and the price is CHF 40.00 plus postage (all proceeds from the book go to the education of FEI dressage judges :-).


You can purchase it through Paddock Saddlery at,1776.html
The price is listed at $62.00 US dollars plus postage.