Friday, October 17, 2008

Openings still available for "L" Program in Region 8!

The Orange County Dressage Association, with organizer Dr. Lisa Toaldo, still has openings available for those that are looking for an "L" Program to attend.

There are around 4-5 spots open for those that have met the prerequisites of the program. This program is offering both Part 1 and 2! Check it out...

Contact Dr. Lisa Toaldo at or me at (859-271-7876).

Need a Part 2 or want to Retest? Part 2 has spots open!

For "L" candidates looking for a Part 2 or an "L" graduate looking to re-test, Pomona Chapter of CDS has 5 spots open.

There are 5 spots open for a D2 Session and Final Exam. Here are the dates, locations and instructors:

D2 Session; March 28-29, 2009; Burbank, CA; Janet Foy

Final Exam; August 22-23, 2009; Burbank, CA; Janet Foy & Jayne Ayers

Christie Cooper, the organizer, can be contacted at

If you have any questions about being eligible for this program, please contact me at or 859/271-7876.

Region 2 - Part 1 Approved

The South West Chapter of Wisconsin Dressage & Combined Training Association will be hosting a Part 1 in 2009, with organizer Kathryn Dunn,

Below are the dates, locations and instructors:

Session A; March 14-15, 2009; Mukwanago, WI with Jayne Ayers

Session B; April 26-27, 2009; Mukwanago, WI with Debbie Riehl- Rodriguez

Session C; May 23-24, 2009; Mukwanago, WI with Sandy Howard

Session D1; June 27-28, 2009; Camp Lake, WI with Debbie Riehl-Rodriguez

Contact Kathy at or me at
Also check out the educational calendar at

Plans for a Part 2 are moving forward as well, although nothing is official as of yet. You'll hear as soon as anything is official.