Friday, September 30, 2011

New L Graduates

A huge 'Congratulations' are in order for the candidates that graduated from the STRIDE "L" Program's final exam (held September 10-11th).

* Karen Abbattista, FL

* Erin Brinkman, FL

* Kari Garber, FL

Robin Tardy Ginn, GA

Betsy La Belle, FL

* Danielle Perry, GA

Patti Swan, ME

Caryl Stephens, FL

Sara Warner, FL

*Denotes those that graduated with distinction from the "L" Program.

The above "L" graduates will also be listed on the USDF website in Instructors & Officials list under their specific USDF region.

Friendly reminder: After a successful graduation, candidates are referred to as “L” Graduates. “L” Graduates are NOT licensed dressage judges. Therefore, they may not advertise themselves as “L” judges

New Part 2 Approved in Region 6

The Oregon Dressage Society (ODS), USDF Region 6, applied for a Part 2 and was approved.

The dates, locations and instructors are as follows:

Session D1: May 12-13th , 2012, Sherwood, OR Instructor – Trenna Atkins

Session D2: July 14-15th, 2012, Auburn, WA Instructor – Axel Steiner

Final Exam: September 8-9, 2012, Sherwood, OR Examiners – Debbie Riehl- Rodriquez, Axel Steiner

To apply please contact the organizer: Edwin Miller (
If you have any questions about being eligible for the above Part 2 please contact me at or 859-971-2277.