Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Part 2 Opportunity!

STRIDE, USDF Region 3, applied for a Part 2 and was approved. The dates, locations and instructors are as follows:

Part 2

Session D1; March 12-13th, 2011; Ocala, FL; Marianne Ludwig

Session D2; May 7-8th, 2011; Gainesville, FL; Maryal Barnett

Final Exam; August 28-29th, 2011; Tampa, FL; Tracey Lert & Betsy Berrey

Contact Charlotte Trentelman at rebelridge@aol.com to participate.

If you have any questions about being eligible for the above Part 2 please contact me at lprogram@usdf.org or 859-971-2277.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Need a Part 2? Opportunities are Here!

There are a couple of opportunities coming your way...

Rocky Mountain Dressage Society is hosting a D2 and Final Exam. There is still room to join them, contact Heather Petersen at slush@drgw.net.

Session D2; May 15-16, 2010
Longmont, CO; Rocky Mountain Dressage I & II
Instructor: Janet Foy

Final Exam: July 24-25, 2010
Longmont, CO; Autumn Hill Dressage Festival III&IV
Examiners: Marianne Ludwig & Gary Rockwell


Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association's Part 2 is as follows:

Session D2; June 12-13, 2010; Conyers, GA; Gary Rockwell
Final Exam; October 15-17, 2010; Conyers, GA; Gary Rockwell & Marilyn Heath

Contact Dennie Kludt at denicekludt@earthlink.net or Ann Genovese at goodhorseman@att.net to participate.

If you have questions regarding if you are eligible to participate in the above Part 2's, please contact me at lprogram@usdf.org

Ask a Judge

Do you have a question that you have been burning to ask a dressage judge?

If so, send it in to lprogram@usdf.org.

In the USDFConnection, "L" Faculty members answer the questions submitted by membership and the answers are published in the magazine.

So, come on, here is your chance. Ask your questions and tell your friends to send in their questions as well.

Please place 'Judge Question' in the e-mail header and e-mail questions to lprogram@usdf.org.