Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New L Program Parts 1 and 2 approved for Region 7

 The Valley Oaks Chapter of the California Dressage Association has been approved to host an “L” Education Program Part 1 and Part 2.

Sessions/Dates/ Locations/ Instructors are as follows: 

Part 1
Session A; November 15-16,2014; Elk Grove, CA; Trenna Atkins
Session B; January 17-18,2015; Elk Grove, CA; Debbie Riehl-Rodriguez
Session C; April 4-5,2015; Elk Grove, CA; Janet Foy
Part 2- Please note Part 2 dates are tentative until the the competitions are approved for 2015/2016.
D1; July 25-26th,2015; Rancho Murieta, CA; Axel Steiner
D2; November 7-8,2015; Elk Grove, CA; Debbie Riehl-Rodriguez
Final Exam, April 8-9,2016; Rancho Murieta; Axel Steiner, Trenna Atkins

 Up to  25 Participants will be accepted for the Part 1

To register or for more information please contact organizer Michele Dodge
 To find out more about the “L” Program email