Friday, October 17, 2008

Region 2 - Part 1 Approved

The South West Chapter of Wisconsin Dressage & Combined Training Association will be hosting a Part 1 in 2009, with organizer Kathryn Dunn,

Below are the dates, locations and instructors:

Session A; March 14-15, 2009; Mukwanago, WI with Jayne Ayers

Session B; April 26-27, 2009; Mukwanago, WI with Debbie Riehl- Rodriguez

Session C; May 23-24, 2009; Mukwanago, WI with Sandy Howard

Session D1; June 27-28, 2009; Camp Lake, WI with Debbie Riehl-Rodriguez

Contact Kathy at or me at
Also check out the educational calendar at

Plans for a Part 2 are moving forward as well, although nothing is official as of yet. You'll hear as soon as anything is official.

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