Friday, August 29, 2008

Join-In @ Convention

Here is a special invite, from the USDF Judges Committee, for all "L" Graduates and "L" Graduates with Distinction.

You are all welcome to join the events listed below at the 2008 Adequan/USDF Annual Convention & Symposium.

  • Judges Roundtable - Wednesday, December 3rd
  • Judges Roundtable Educational Program - Wednesday December 3rd
Check out the convention agenda for more details ( or contact me

No worries, I haven't forgotten those that are not "L" grads. You can go to and see what fun events you can participate in @ conventions.

Such as the "L" Program Educational Q&A, with a panel of "L" Faculty, sharing updates on the program for 2009 included during convention. Did I mention that Kyra Kurkland is our symposium presenter? Really, you need to check out what is happening in Denver, Colorado the week of December 3rd through the 7th!

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