Friday, August 8, 2008

"L" Program FAQ Suggestions

I am creating a cheat sheet for those interested in the "L" Program. No, this isn't a cheat sheet for the final exam, written or practical. Nice try! :-)

Really, this is for those of you that are interested in the program and just want some basic questions answered. Questions answered that are for those interested in auditing, participating or organizing an "L" Program.

Any suggestions or questions that you may have would be greatly appreciated. I do have questions that I do receive via e-mail and the phone but I would really like to hear from you and what types of things you were or are looking for answers for in regards to the "L" Program.

If you wouldn't mind commenting on this blog or sending an e-mail (with subject title "L" Program FAQ) with your suggestions for FAQs on the program that would be great! And greatly appreciated! or 859/971-2277


Anonymous said...

When will the 2009 schedule be posted? I travel a lot for work, but would like to apply for the L program, but that will take some juggling. Knowing the schedule as far in advance as possible would be great. Also, will any of the program be offered online at some point in the future?

LProgramLiaison said...

Currently, we only have one program starting in 2009. That program is the Central Vermont Program, at this time the program is full. This means that we haven't gotten any official host applications, as of yet, in the USDF office. I do have interested GMOs in Regions 2, 3, 4 and 7. I would keep watching the blog and the USDF calendar ( for updates. You can also always contact me to see what is going on behind the scenes, or in the works.

We have no immediate plans to place the entire or parts of the program online, but the options are being explored. The opportunities and tools seem to be unending in providing on-line education, to say the least, we are a bit overwhelmed! Ideally in the next couple of years we can provide online education in some form or fashion.

I am expecting applications for programs to come in but I think the show season has slowed down the process for GMOs and potential organizers.

Let me know if you have more questions or need some clarification on my responses.

Deanna Thompson said...

I've finally earned my Second Level scores and now I'm ready to apply for the L program but there is only 1 Session A to start with in the whole country! Its full with 5 people already on the waiting list. Will more sessions open up after this show season? I'll travel anywhere, I'm so eager to get started!

LProgramLiaison said...

Congratulations on getting your Second level scores!!

We do have a program brewing in Region 2. They've almost completed filling in their application and are planning on sending it in for approval shortly. Tentatively, the start of their program would be in March of 2009. As things progress I'll keep you up to date via this blog and the USDF calendar.

I think we'll start seeing more programs appear but it will be after the show season. I am doing my best to move things forward and dig up more interest for the program.

It has been slow start this year but I have high hopes more programs will appear!