Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Continuing Education in Dressage Judging Credited Workshop in Region 6


The Oregon Dressage Society will be hosting some wonderful educational workshops during their annual meeting including this Workshop for Judges, L graduates and anyone enrolled in the "L" Program:
  • Applying Biomechanics to Judging - a USDF Continuing Education in Dressage Judging Credited Workshop with two of the best dressage judge educators in the countryMarilyn Heath of Naples, FL and Trenna Atkins of Coupesville, WA  Part one will be open to all intersted meeting attendees and part two will be open only to eligible participants (Must be current USEF Judge, USDF “L” Graduate, USDF Members currently enrolled in the “L” Program; all participants must be current USDF Members). Note: “USDF accredited this program for its educational content. USDF is not responsible for the date, location, organization, or presentation of this program or for any other circumstances relevant to this program. The organization of this program is the sole responsibility of the organizer of the program.”
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