Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New "L" Education Program Approved in Region 1

New England Dressage Association (NEDA), USDF Region 8, applied for a USDF “L” Education Program Part 1 and Part 2 and was approved. Dates Location and Instructors are as follows:
Part 1
            Session A; October 5-6, 2013; Natick, MA; Bill Solyntjes
            Session B; November 9-10, 2013; Natick, MA; Lois Yukins
            Session C; April 5-6th, 2014; Natick, MA; Gary Rockwell

Part 2

Session D1; May 10-11,2014;
NEDA Spring Show, Marshfield, MA; Lois Yukins

Session D2; July, TBA 2014; King Oaks Dressage Days, South Hampton, MA; Trenna Atkins

Final Exam; Sept 13-14, 2014; NEDA Fall Festival; Gary Rockwell, Trenna Atkins
For more information on this “L” Program please contact organizer Sally Davenport

If you have any questions about being eligible for Part 2 please contact me at lprogram@usdf.org or 859-971-2277. 

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