Friday, June 29, 2012

NEW "L" Graduates


are in order for the candidates that graduated from the Houston Dressage Society "L" Program's final exam (held June 9-10th in Katy TX).

  *Jana Armstrong
    Karin Caves
  *Julie Haugen
   Carolyn Hoekstra
  *Jennifer Hogan
   Betsy La Belle
* Marie Maloney
* Sarah Martin
* Amy Talley

*Denotes those who have graduated with distinction from the "L" Program and may be eligible to enter the USEF “r” program

The above "L" graduates will also be listed on the USDF website in
Instructors & Officials list.

Friendly reminder: After a successful graduation, candidates are referred to as “L” Graduates. “L” Graduates are NOT licensed dressage judges. Therefore, they may not advertise themselves as “L” judges

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