Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On-line Judging Practice

We have heard you plea for on-line judging practice!

Go to the e-TRAK and;

1. Log-in (using your username and established password)

2. Place your cursor over 'Competitions' and select 'Tests' from the drop down menu that appears

3. Pick a test, mute the sound, and practice scoring the test

4. Play back the test, with sound, and hear how your scores compare

*You can also download the USDF Introductory Score Sheets, in a writable PDF, to make your scoring even easier.

To find more educational items, tailored for "L" Participants/Candidates, search e-TRAK using the keywords 'L Prep' or 'L Program.

We are continuing to add tests and articles so visit eTRAK often.

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