Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BIG changes with the USDF "L" Program

The USDF "L" Program has undergone some changes that will open more doors to participants and organizers.

Here they are:

Part 1; 'A Judges' Perspective' includes: Sessions A, B and C.
Prerequisite: There is only one and that is you need to be a current member of USDF at the time of participating (so either a Participating, Group Member or Youth member)

* Part 1 used to include Sessions A, B, C and D1. Prerequisites included being a participating member AND a score requirements.

Part 2; 'Candidate's Evaluation' includes: Sessions D1, D2 and the Final Exam.
Prerequisite: 1.) You need to be a current participating member of USDF at the time of participating in the program. 2.) Three scores at 2nd level or above, at 60% or higher, from 3 different USEF judges at USEF/USDF recognized competitions. (Freestyle or Young Horse scores do not count towards the score requirement)

What does this mean for YOU? I was waiting for you to ask me that! ;-)


If you've been interested in the program and didn't have your scores you can now get in and then finish getting your scores before Part 2.

What if you are just interested in the educational component of the program, which is Part 1, but you want to participate not audit. Well, now you can!

Organizers will have more freedom in allowing more participants in the program, which helps the bottom line!

The USDF "L" Education Program is in the business of educating those interested in learning how to evaluate dressage performances at Training through Second Level and these changes were made with that in mind.

We look forward to meeting you at an "L" Program in the near future.
Contact me with questions at lprogram@usdf.org

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