Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Congratulations to the new USDF "L" Graduates!

A huge 'Congratulations' are in order for the candidates that graduated from the Central States Dressage & Eventing Association "L" Program's final exam (held August 1st-2nd).

*Jodi Ely, MN
*Coralie Hughes, IN
Kim Krieckhaus, MO
Johan Lammers, NM
Kathy Nardi, MN
Eileen Ostlund,IA
Jessica Tofte, MN
Valeria Vetos,MN

*Denotes those that graduated with distinction from the "L" Program.

The above "L" graduates will also be listed on the USDF website at: http://www.usdf.org/about/contact/lprogram.asp?TypePass=Graduates&RegionPass=1, under their specific USDF region.

Friendly reminder: After a successful graduation, candidates are referred to as “L” Graduates. “L” Graduates are NOT licensed dressage judges. Therefore, they may not advertise themselves as “L” judges

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