Tuesday, February 24, 2009

GDCTA's "L" Program Coming Soon...

“L” is for Learning about Evaluating Dressage Performance . . .

Aspiring judges-to-be who wish to be participants in the USDF “L” program can sign up now! It happens fast – no dragging your feet for this program, or you will be left behind!

Don’t want to be a judge, but still want to know what the judges are looking for?

This is the time to find out! GDCTA is hosting the USDF “L” Program beginning in March.

Take advantage of this learning opportunity by auditing the very the same program that teaches prospective judges what they need to know. Auditors are absolutely welcome, and encouraged, to attend Part 1 of this educational program! You can attend one session, two sessions or all three. It’s up to you.

Part 1 consists of sessions A-C, which will be held at the lovely Shannondale Farm in Alpharetta, Georgia.

March 14-15, 2009: Session A consists of all Saturday and Sunday morning lecture, including thought-provoking questions, photos, graphics and DVD footage, giving an introduction to judging and biomechanics followed by Sunday afternoon spent observing demonstration horses and riders at Training though Second levels.

May 9-10, 2009: Session B will cover judging criteria for gaits, paces, movements and figures

July 25-26, 2009: Session C is about collective marks, equitation, rider biomechanics, basics and freestyle.

To make the most of your auditing experience, a little time spent reviewing the USEF rule book (usef.org) and the training scale in advance of the sessions would be worth your time.

Find the auditor registration forms on the GDCTA website homepage www.gdcta.org.

There is also a need for demonstration riders. That application can also be found at www.gdcta.org.

Auditor fees: $60 for each session, includes lunch and hand outs

Denice Kludt
11165 Highfield Chase Dr.
Duluth, GA 30097
770-751-7204 / 404-683-8409

Shannondale Farm
2225 Birmingham Road
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004
Phone & Fax: 770.569.9555

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