Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Definite rumblings for another "L" Program

Okay, I know it has been awhile and I apologize. Many of you have contacted me about what, if anything, is happening in the way of new programs.

Well, I do have news for you. USDF received an host application from a GMO in Region 3, specifically Georgia. Currently, I am working with the GMO and potential organizer to get some details ironed out but I have hopes to share the news soon.

It would, if approved, start soon (March). If you are interested in the Region 3 program keep your eye out on this blog, the USDF calendar (specifically Region 3) and contact me for updates.

If this rumbling of a program still doesn't help you out contact me and I'll share some ideas to get a program started. You can also check out a previous post on this blog...think it was called "All dressed up and no where to go?"

Contact with any questions or concerns

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